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Grow effortlessly. Easily build, manage, and improve marketing campaigns. From affiliates to User-Generated Content (UGC) and hiring influencers, your success flows with Postmint.

Power Authentic Content Creation

Amplify your narrative with authentic User Generated Content, building stronger social proof for your product.

Reward Conversions, Not Clicks

Ensure that referrals prioritize driving meaningful actions aligned with your business goals, fostering high-quality engagement and efficient resource allocation.

Get Access To Curated Influencers (soon)

Save time on influencer recruitment and authenticity checks. Easily find, negotiate, hire, and pay the best influencers for your niche. Postmint Creator Marketplace link.


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Launch Your Web3 Campaigns 🚀


Postmint For Brands  🤝

Hire your community

Pay your community to post quality content. Points or crypto such as USDC.

Token Gated

Gate your community campaign with any on-chain or off-chain attestation.

Automate ambassador campaigns

Build weekly narrative driving campaigns for your community to PostToEarn.

Sybil Resistant

Rely on postmint smart scoring to detect fraud. Manually control if anomolies arise.

Custom Comission System

Points or crypto, reward your community with meaningful prizes.

Onchain & Offchain Tasks

Customizable smart contract event tracking (token mint, swaps, LPs, etc.), social interactions, and custom reward integration via API.

N-Level Rewards

Affiliates earn from downstream conversions. Incentivize recruitment of top affiliates by your affiliates.

Invite KOLs to your Affiliate Campaign

Effortlessly measure the performance of your influencer campaign  by inviting them to your Postmint enabled affiliate campaign.

Find Your Creator

Input your campaign info and postmint will suggest the best influencers for your budget. Use advanced filters to find the best.

Access to Core Community Memmber

Make offers to the top content creators from UGC campaigns to efficiently spread your message across different communities.

Secure Escrow Payments

Custom payment triggers, secure payments for brands and KOLs.

Measure RoI of KOL Campaigns

Analyse the performance of an KOL and her network via Postmint’s
affiliate tracking infrastructure.

Web3 Brands Trust Postmint

Postmint for Content Creators & Affiliates 👨🎨

Access to Curated Brand Deals

Join open community UGC tournaments, explore affiliate marketing opportunities, and receive sponsored content offers in your DMs. Earn crypto directly to your wallet.

Build Up Your Resume

Track the performance of content across multiple campaigns and gain recognition from top web3 brands. Rise in community leaderboards.

Grow your audience

Get recognized by your creator peers and grow your community by participating in open UGC tournaments.

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