March 14, 2024

LTOADs Case Study: Driving Token Sales and Community Engagement with UGC

Link TOADS, Chainlink-themed NFT Project founded by a group of Link Marines, isn't just another community; it's a powerhouse of dedicated individuals committed to elevating the Chainlink ecosystem. They are dedicated to fostering engagement, education, and connection within the ecosystem. This case study delves into LTOADS' user-generated content (UGC) campaigns, focusing on their impact across various aspects:

  • Strategic campaign implementation for project launch
  • Impact on conversions rates
  • Community engagement
  • Individual growth
  • Symbiotic relationship in UGC campaigns


In May 2023, just before introducing their NFTs, Chainlink TOADs collaborated with Postmint for their first user-generated content (UGC) campaign. Participants were incentivized to create content highlighting LTOADs, with rewards totaling 250 $LINK (valued at U$1,662 at the time). This initiative laid the groundwork, setting the stage for future achievements.

Following this, Chainlink TOADs started their launch campaign. Contributors were encouraged to create articles, tweets, or videos spotlighting LTOAD NFTs, covering aspects such as the minting process, utility, roadmap. In return, participants received soulbound tokens to track engagement, with the top 10 contributors each receiving 7 NFTs. Collectively, these campaigns scored 600 pieces of content that reached over 1 million impressions.

The impact of these campaigns was undeniable, reflected by the surge in NFT sales. Impressively, a total of 668 NFTs were purchased in a single day during the launch campaign, setting a record for daily sales. This highlights the huge impact of these strategic initiatives on brand visibility and conversion.

Campaign Highlights

Chainlink TOADs have consistently employed UGC campaigns as a core strategy in their operations. Post-NFT launch, they maintained an active campaign presence, both to engage their own community and to extend their services to external projects seeking to enhance their outreach efforts. In total, they created 14 campaigns, reaching a total impression of 2.5 million.

An interesting element of their post-launch initiatives is the use of the token-gated requirement. Participants were required to hold 1 to 7 LTOAD NFTs to qualify for participation and potential rewards. This strategic approach not only ensured community involvement but also served to boost their NFT sales. Worth mentioning that the majority of their campaigns requested participants to hold 7 LTOAD NFTs, aligning with the owner distribution stats below.

The graph illustrates a clear pattern: NFT sales consistently rose following the launch of new campaigns. Notable spikes occurred, such as the surge between December 13th and 16th coinciding with the introduction of "The Crypto Panda x LTOADs" campaign, requiring 3 LTOAD NFTs. Similarly, heightened sales activity was observed from January 21st to January 26th during the "LTOADS x Thales CCIP Launch Campaign," where ownership of 7 LTOAD NFTs was mandatory. These instances highlight the significant effect of carefully planned campaigns on boosting sales.

Mutual Growth Through UGC Campaigns

The significance of these campaigns extends beyond the project itself, it impacts deeply the participating community members. Members of the Chainlink TOADs community who engaged in these campaigns experienced notable growth in their personal following and impact within their respective businesses. Below, you'll find the organic growth of four community members:

The effects of these campaigns ripple through the community, creating a cascading impact that extends back to the project itself. As community members actively engage in UGC campaigns, their amplified reach and influence contribute to the project's broader visibility and growth. This cycle increases brand visibility and engagement, illustrating the symbiotic relationship between community participation and project growth.


In conclusion, the case study of LTOADS demonstrates the significant impact of User-Generated Content (UGC) campaigns not only for community engagement, but also to drive conversions. Here are the key insights:

  1. Strategic Campaign Implementation: LTOADS strategically implemented UGC campaigns to launch their product, resulting in a significant boost in sales.
  2. Impact on Conversions: By leveraging the token-gated requirement for participation, the UGC campaigns consistently drove surges in sales with each new campaign launch.
  3. Community Engagement: UGC campaigns facilitated active community participation, fostering engagement, interaction, and reaching a total of 2.5M impressions.
  4. Individual Growth: Participants in the UGC campaigns experienced personal growth, including increased following and impact within their respective businesses.
  5. Symbiotic Relationship: The symbiotic relationship between the community and the project in UGC campaigns enhances project visibility and growth.

In summary, the case study of LTOADS exemplifies the effectiveness of strategic UGC campaigns in converting users and fostering community engagement. By prioritizing collaboration and community involvement, LTOADS has solidified its position as a prominent player within the Chainlink ecosystem.

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