Frontend Engineer

React | Full-Time | Remote | m/w/d | US/EU | Mid-Level

About postmint: 

postmint is a social media marketing protocol, which provides web3 companies the infrastructure to coordinate community content creation and distribution. We are a fully remote startup of builders and domain experts.

Our Mission & Vision:

postmint aims to accelerate the creation and distribution of knowledge by assessing the value of information and rewarding accordingly. By unlocking the community as a marketing channel, we revolutionize the content marketing industry. Our vision is to enable everyone to make a living as content creator through our PostToEarn primitive and to advance mankind though easily consumable high quality content.

Our Stack

  • Scoring Algorithm, assessing the value of community member's social media contributions. 
  • Smart Contracts, allow campaign creators to distribute web3 assets to their contributors in a non-custodial fashion.
  • postmint Platform, provides a data-driven approach to coordinate the community's social media marketing activities while simultaneously offering a content hub for community members to emerge in project specific content.

Team Values

  • Communication, we live a constructive feedback culture. Issues are brought up to the surface where they can be discussed and solved as a team.
  • Relationships, we value the postmint team as co-workers and friends.
  • Meritocracy, the best idea wins, decisions are made based on assessing ideas and proposals according to all the information available. 
  • Drivers, we are all proactively driving in our area.


postmint is building according to the web3 values:

  • Trustless, reducing the counter-party risk for our users and customers by building non-custodial infrastructure and strive for decentralization. 
  • Privacy preserving, giving users the right to disclose and monetize their data.
  • Effortless & engaging, providing a smooth, flow state-like user experience. 
  • Beneficial, advancing mankind by spreading high-value content 

about your role

  • Shaping the style of postmint web app components 
  • Develop, improve and implement user facing web app features 
  • Working closely with our CTO to decide on infrastructure   

about you

  • Frontend wizard, you enjoy building intuitive frontends 
  • Team player 
  • Ideally located in US or European time zone 
  • +2 year experience in React frontend development 
  • Unit testing experience 
  • React/JS view framework experience
  • Interested in web3

our offer

  • Competitive salary with equity options 
  • Remote startup culture 
  • Highly motivated and ambitious team 
  • Flexible work hours