$VIBE - Referral Tokenomics V2

September 13, 2023

Over 11.6 ETH (more than $18,500) are in the bonus pool, which will be paid out on Monday, September 18, to affiliates of the VibeToEarn campaign. The Vibe team uses postmint's ReferToEarn infrastructure to manage the referral payout for the $VIBE project. After the launch, the Vibe team reworked the $VIBE affiliate payout system to better align referrer goals with the goals of the VIBE project to create a thriving $VIBE ecosystem. This blog provides an overview of the overhauled referral payout system.

The VIBE Experiment - Deep Dive

We will look at:

  1. VIBE Trading Taxes
  2. ReferToEarn Campaign
  3. Referrer Rewards
  4. Direct Referral Rewards
  5. Bonus Pool Rewards

1. VIBE Trading Taxes

  • On each BUY trade, 3% of the transaction volume is paid into the campaign in $VIBE.
  • On each SELL trade, 3% of the transaction volume is paid into the campaign in $ETH.

Campaign Smart Contract: 0x1D99446D4b58b5e9129bB4E970A43924a36e6656 Link

VIBE Campaign Top-Up Logic

2. ReferToEarn Campaign

  • The VIBE - ReferToEarn Campaign is token gated with $VIBE.
  • To join the VIBE game, participants need to buy and hold at least 39,939,939,939 VIBE (0.095%) of the total VIBE supply.
  • Once you have joined the campaign, you will be able to create and share your VIBE Links to collect referral BUY and SELL volume.

3. Referrer Rewards

TheVIBE ReferToEarn campaign displays three different reward pools

  • Reward pool: paying out a) Direct Referral Rewards
  • Bonus pool: paying out b) Bonus Rewards collected in the previous epoch
  • Bonus pool (next epoch): Bonus Rewards collected in the current epoch
a) Direct Referral Rewards

What: Referrers directly earn the 3% BUY (VIBE) and SELL (ETH) tax paid by their referrals.
: Based on the BUY and SELL volume of their referrals.
: Payout is at the end of the epoch, always 7 days, Monday to Monday.

b) Bonus Rewards

What: Buy and Sell tax collected from trades that are not originated from referral links are collected in the bonus pool.
How: Additional ETH taxes are rewarded proportionally to referrers based on their aggregated referral BUY volume in VIBE.
When: Bonus pool rolls over to the next epoch. This means that the excess ETH sell fee collected in the current epoch is paid out in the next epoch. This incentivizes referrers to generate BUY volume in the current epoch to earn the excess taxes collected in the previous epoch.


VIBE is an interesting on-chain experiment that tests the possibilities of native referral rewards integrated at the smart contract level. We are excited to support this novel project with our ReferToEarn infrastructure. Please feel free to reach out if you require a custom integration to enable ReferToEarn for your smart contract.