The Problem with Centralized Marketing

June 5, 2023

In a time when play-to-earn games have taken the world by storm, postmint aims to launch a new post-to-earn primitive where we apply the reward-driven model to incentivize human creativity. Our goal is to channel the same enthusiasm that has fueled people to spend countless work hours to train comic style monsters to promote the dissemination of information. 

Centralized vs decentralized Marketing

Have you ever started a project or built a community from the ground up? Then you’ve probably faced the challenge of explaining your project to the world If you’re selling ice cream, that’s fairly easy. If you’re building web3 technology, things might be a little trickier.

postmint is convinced that centralized content marketing is a bottleneck to the processing and spread of information, whereby becoming a limiting factor to the awareness, engagement, and revenue a project can obtain. We define centralized content marketing as the distribution of value to a single- or handful of entities for the planning, creation and distribution of content, e.g., the project team or a marketing agency. 

postmint’s post-to-earn mechanism allows for decentralized content marketing, where the marketing budget is distributed to the community for the creation and sharing of content to raise product awareness. 

The Issue with Centralized Marketing 

But first, let’s take a step back. Before we dive into why postmint solves the content marketing challenge better than traditional methods, let’s examine why the challenge exists.
Here are some reasons: 

  1. Different people favour different content formats. Some like to read blog posts, some watch videos, others prefer infographics… 
  2. Each person explains a given context from a slightly different angle. Some express better with words, some with graphics…
  3. Disseminating information in chunks of consumable content requires work. More specifically, it requires human creativity.
  4. People trust and are more interested in content created and shared by people in their network in comparison to content specifically marked as “ad” or “promotion”.

To realize the full potential of content marketing, a vast amount of easily consumable media pieces need to be created and shared amongst different social groups. 

The postmint Bet 

We at postmint are betting our time on that the marketing results (awareness, engagement, and conversions) achieved through decentralized marketing are higher than through centralized marketing methods at the same marketing costs. In other words, we’re betting on the marketing creativity and reach of the crowd.
Analogies, supporting our bet, can be drawn from various examples:  

  • Published encyclopedia vs Wikipedia
  • Newspapers vs Facebook
  • Film studios vs YouTube 

just to name a few. All these networks allow creating value with way higher efficiency, thus can transform the same or less amount of input (money) into greater output (information).

Why postmint? 

postmint builds the technology to distribute financial value (marketing budgets) and non-finance value (status, access, power) to the community at minimal transaction costs for the involved parties. We call this post-to-earn

Core elements of postmint are: 

  • Scoring algorithms (off-chain and ML) 
  • Web3 native affiliate links (wallet conversion tracking), 
  • Bounty smart contracts (on-chain funds with zero-knowledge proofs based claiming technology)