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September 13, 2023

Introducing $VIBE: Revolutionizing Native Smart Contract Affiliate Marketing with postmint

Affiliate marketing, a cornerstone of today's marketing landscape, is projected to soar to a $15.7 billion industry by 2024. Complex financial products are increasingly leveraging affiliate marketing, offering a way to fund educational content without hefty upfront marketing costs. In the DeFi realm, affiliate programs have already proven their mettle, with platforms like GMX(1.6m), Lido (13m), and InsurAce(224k) paying out significant rewards. Today, after pioneering PostToEarn we are excited to showcase $VIBE, the first ReferToEarn project that seamlessly integrates postmint to reward affiliates directly at the smart contract level.

Why DeFi and Web3 Need Affiliate Marketing:

The complexity of financial products in the DeFi and Web3 space, prerequisite solid education to thrive. With 92% of millennials distrusting traditional banks, there's a pressing need for transparent, decentralized solutions. Affiliate marketing can bridge this knowledge gap, offering a decentralized way to educate potential users. A network of hundreds of affiliate content creators can earn a living for creating engaging content, onboarding the next billions to DeFi and web3 applications through education.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing provides various benefits for projects: 

1/ Cost-Effective: No upfront payments; rewards are purely performance-based.
2/ Decentralized Rewards: Instead of enriching big ad platforms, funds go directly to content creators.
3/ Trust: Affiliates, being more relatable, are often more trusted than traditional advertising channels.
4/ Education: Diverse content educates users in unique, relatable ways.

Challenges with Today’s Web3 Affiliate Programs:

Existing Web3 affiliate programs lack native integration with the smart contracts they promote, leading to potential counterparty risks and payout uncertainties. $VIBE demonstrates how a native integration allow automatically paying out referrers for their work. 

Introducing $VIBE - A Game-Changer in Affiliate Marketing:

VIBE isn't just another tax coin; it's a paradigm shift. Integrated with postmint, VIBE ensures automatic, transparent payouts to affiliates.

Key Features of VIBE:

1/ Smart Contract Integration
The $VIBE token contract ensures automatic transfer of buy/sell taxes into the postmint Campaign Smart Contract (CSC), making affiliate rewards available after 24h

2/ Buy and Sell Tax
At each buy and sell, a buy tax in VIBE and sell tax in ETH is enforced at the smart contract and 3% are made available to the referrer. 
Taxes from non-affiliated transactions are collected in a bonus pool and are split among the affiliates of a current epoch (24h), based on their relative affiliate sell and buy volume. More details on the VIBE tokenomics will be shared soon. 

3/ Transparent Payout
VIBE offers both direct affiliate rewards and bonus pool rewards, ensuring a fair distribution based on individual and collective performance. All transactions can be verified on the postmint campaign dashboard and on-chain
4/ Decentralized Infrastructure

The payout logic is built on the Autonolas framework. Therefore, the backend used to enabled $VIBE is primed for decentralization, paving the way for a fully trustless service. Detailed information on the Autonolas Root Hash Deployment Service will be shared in a separate blog. 


VIBE, leveraging the postmint infrastructure, is set to redefine affiliate marketing in the DeFi space. By ensuring transparency, fairness, and decentralization, VIBE is not just a coin; it's a movement and great case study of how native smart contract affiliate marketing applications can be build on top of postmint.