$PPT - Your Ticket to Earn Crypto in Web3 Marketing Tournaments

June 5, 2023

Vitalik Buterin once said, "Most very powerful items in the game are soulbound." - just like our $PPT, the genesis reward token of postmint. In this post, we'll explore $PPT and how it empowers you to earn crypto by participating in web3 marketing tournaments. 

1. What is $PPT
2. How to Earn $PPT
3. $PPT Utility  

What's a Postmint Point Token ($PPT)?

$PPT, short for "Postmint Point Token," is the first reward asset that content creators and community members earn during our Incentivized Alpha. Further, $PPT are soul-bound, meaning they cannot be transferred once claimed, ensuring they remain with initial supporters alone. Currently, $PPT are claimable exclusively on the Arbitrum One, but will be made available on other major networks soon. 

Earn $PPT in postmint Marketing Campaigns

The only way to earn $PPT is by joining a campaign on postmint and contributing by using the provided tags. There are two types of campaigns on postmint:

a) $PPT Campaigns
The first campaign type on postmint, issuing $PPT exclusively.

b) Reward Campaigns
This campaign type allows the campaign creator to distribute any ERC20 tokens as reward (e.g., USDC, DAI, wETH, wBTC, you name it). Selected Reward Campaigns will get an additional $PPT boost, allowing contributors and to earn both $PPT and the campaign specific reward token. 

Currently, $PPT issuance is linearly distributed,1/1, with scoring points received. The leaderboard scores are updated every 24 hours and your $PPT made claimable after each scoring event. The issuance of $PPT is subject to change, so stay tuned for updates. Get more information on our campaigns and how to participate by reading our guide

$PPT - Utility 

It's time to reveal the first utility of $PPT: 🥁🥁🥁

Utility 1:  🔑 Access right to our Genesis Reward Campaign

This month, postmint will launch it's first Reward Campaign.
Join the postmint campaign here and earn some $PPT to ensure you’ll be able to participate.  

Stay tuned!