postmint enabled Ambassador programs - Growth-as-a-Service

August 15, 2023

Postmint provides the infrastructure for Web3 projects to amplify their narrative by incentivizing community creators to share content around their solution. After running over 20 campaigns with 9 Web3 communities we’re excited to share some insights on effective web3 ambassador programs enabled by postmint. 

Lessons Learned from Alpha:

1/ postmint = community activation tool
postmint is an effective activation tool for projects with a minimum established community. Automated scoring, coordination around campaign via directed campaign briefs, tags tracking and hard gates, via token-gates or strict application based entry, is a 10x from manually conducted content campaigns and ambassador programs. 

2/ Tournament vs base-line conversion styles
Tournament conversion styles, such as top-heavy, score and custom, offer exceptional CPM in comparison to traditional influencer marketing, however, require a minimum existing community
For fairly new projects without an established community, max. CPM-Bid campaigns, are a great start to build their ambassador programs. 

3/ Campaigns require active management
Experience has shown, that there might be unwanted guests trying to join and steal incentives. Even from established communities, attacks can occur from within the community itself. To benefit from a successful postmint campaign, active management of campaign participants is required.

Applied Learnings

1/ Flagging of suspicious content
Postmint's scoring algorithm flags submitted content that is significantly outside normal bounds. This is based on training the models on millions of labelled tweets. We look at parameters like the tweet sender's account, number of impressions, number of individual engagements, as well as the social graph of accounts engaging with the tweet.

2/ Strict participant management
Ambassadors should act in the best interest of the project they are marketing, and should not try to cheat or use loopholes to maximize their own benefit. As stated in the updated Postmint guidelines, misbehaving participants can be removed from a campaign, with or without notice.

3/ Strong campaign gates
Each campaign must be gated via a token gate, requiring stake in the project, or a strict application based whitelisting, to ensure the quaility of campaign participants.

4/ Challenging period:
There may be a 24-hour challenging period before campaign rewards are deployed. This allows the campaign manager to review and, if necessary, adjust the rewards for individual participants.

postmint - Growth-as-a-Service:

Recognizing that many projects are made up of brilliant engineers without having dedicated marketing personnel and resources, postmint and our partners are offering Growth-as-a-Service. Different packages allow you to choose the services you require to build a successful ambassador program with postmint.


1/ Community audit
We map the key voices in your community and potential ones to add.

2/ Community recruiting
We will invite your community and prospective community members into your campaign, making them active members of your Postmint ambassador program.

3/ Campaign design
We will help you select the right narratives to be included in your weekly campaigns. We will also draft easy-to-understand campaign briefs for your ambassadors and select the right tags for your Post-To-Earn campaign.

4/ Community training
We will train your community members with meme marketing strategies and give them the resources required to excel in your Postmint campaign.

5/ Campaign management
We will manage whitelisting, review of submitted content, and if there are issues with the quality of submitted content pieces, we will manage the participants and remove them if necessary.

6/ Campaign content creation
We create pillar content, in the form of threads. blog posts, short or long video, and/or animations for your project. This content provides relevant information to community members, and allows them to resonate upon it, amplifying the narratives you want to highlight.


Postmint provides you with the infrastructure to access scalable User Generated Content campaigns with your community members and KOLs already present on our affiliate platform. We are proud to help you get your tokens into the hands of your community content creators, ensuring the growth of your project, protocol, or brand.

Contact us today to learn more about how postmint Growth-as-a-Service can help you grow your web3 brand.