Introducing postmint Reward Campaigns: A New Era in Web3 Marketing

June 5, 2023


For the first time, postmint Reward Campaigns allow the payout of programmatic token incentives based on the quality of content contributions. It's an important milestone in postmint's mission to help the world understand web3 brands and their crucial mission through scalable User-Generated Content (UGC)  while fairly compensating community content creators for their growth marketing efforts. In this blog post, we will explore how postmint reduces the costs of connecting content creators and brands at each stage of the transaction using gated marketing tournaments, gamified payout schemes, automated scoring, and smart contract guarantees.

Everybody is an “Influencer” – Earn Crypto for Creating Content for Your Favorite Web3 Projects 

The term "influencer" often carries a negative connotation, especially in the web3 space where it's associated with celebrities promoting coins, sometimes even scams, with little real connection to the project. In reality, our friends, family, and acquaintances are often more authentic "influencers" on our opinions and behaviors. However, it requires a large audience to make money from content creation via sponsored posts. For the majority of content creators, their audience is not big enough to justify the transaction costs which occur for connecting with a brand.

Turbocharging the Influencer Marketing Process

Transaction costs occur at different phases when hiring content creators as a brand. These costs are a limiting factor to the total number of transactions which can take place between influencers and marketeers.

Transaction costs: Influencer Marketing

postmint is turning influencer marketing upside down by drastically reducing the cost required to connect content creators with brands, thus enabling creators, especially "nano" and "micro" influencers, to get compensated for their content and allowing brands to finally access scalable user-generated content (UGC). postmint achieves this by reducing costs at each stage of the influencer marketing process:

postmint reducing transactions costs at all phases

Pre-Deal - Public Campaigns with Customizable Access Criteria

Before a transaction between a brand and a content creator can occur, costs for searching the right influencers arise. This traditionally happens either manually or through agencies, who charge for the process.

On postmint, public campaigns featured on the dashboard allow content creators to explore and join campaigns based on metrics such as topic, duration, payout scheme, and total bounty size. But not everyone can join every campaign. Campaign creators have various options to gate their campaigns to ensure their content creator fits their community. 

Our current gating options include:

Token Gates:
Gating access to campaigns using project’s own token (e.g. NFT or fungible token) or third-party tokens. This feature is perfect for brands who already have a token for their community and want to add utility to any token, turning it into a PostToEarn access right. Projects without their own token can benefit from the Token Gate mechanism by leveraging third-party tokens, e.g., NFTs that require biometric authentication, our $PPT, or others, to ensure Sybil-resistance in their campaigns.

Token Gates for postmint campaigns

Everyone can knock on the door of campaigns of this gate type. Campaign creators will be informed and see an overview of the applicant, including data on their social media presence. If a fit, campaign creators allow applicant to join and start earning with their content. 

Discord-role gated:
Still under development, but soon campaign creators will be able to gate access based on Discord roles of their community members. 

Deal – Automated Price Discovery via Marketing Tournaments

In traditional influencer marketing process, the agency or individual content creator communicate and negotiate their prices for their work. Costs arise from a time-consuming process with information asymmetries.

postmint automates the price discovery process by using tournament-style marketing competitions offering three differing payout schemes:

Top-heavy payout:
Similar to a poker tournament, the highest-scoring content creators earn the majority of the prize money, incentivizing high-quality content creation.

Score-based payout: A pro rata distribution of campaign funds based on the relative score of content creators, providing a fair compensation to all posters.

Custom payout: Allows campaign creators to design their own reward curves, specifying the percentage a rank should earn from the total token reward, allowing for flexibility and experimentation. 

Reward Styles

Post-Deal - Smart Contract Guarantees and Programmatic Scoring

Before postmint, brands were at risk of not getting the performance of the content they were promised, and creators faced the risks of not getting paid or needing to wait a long time for the payment to take place. 

postmint eliminates risks for both brands and content creators by locking campaign rewards in non-custodial Smart Contracts. Scoring of content takes place via a hybrid of algorithmic evaluation of engagement metrics and impression stats via API connections to social media platforms and manual rating of content on the campaign’s content board by campaign participants and creators. Rewards are distributed on-chain after a 7-day epoch, allowing creators to claim their rewards in the campaign asset and PPT.

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If you're a web3 brand looking for user-generated content to promote your project, reach out today. If you're a content creator interested in earning crypto, explore the campaigns available at Embrace the new era of web3 marketing with postmint Reward Campaigns.