Introducing Max. CPM Bid for postmint campaigns

August 3, 2023

postmint launches the "Max. CPM-Bid" conversion style for PostToEarn campaigns. This allows campaign creators to set a "bid" for every 1,000 impressions their community posters achieve. Unlike our previous conversion styles, which disbursed the entire epoch budget, the CPM-Bid ensures only the utilized budget is rewarded. It's an ideal starting point for those initiating a Postmint-enabled ambassador program, before transitioning to more gamified alternatives.

Understanding CPM in Marketing:

CPM (Cost-per-mille): This metric represents the cost an advertiser pays for 1,000 impressions or views of an advertisement. It's a widely used measure in marketing to gauge the efficiency of a campaign.

Conversion archetypes on postmint 

1/ Tournament Campaigns
Here, the entire budget is allocated at the epoch's conclusion. The CPM fluctuates based on participant engagement.
Styles include:

  • Top-heavy: 50% of the total bounty goes to the top rank, halving rewards subsequently.
  • Score: Pro-rata distribution.
  • Custom: Enables creators to craft their unique reward curve.

Base-line Rewards: 

  • Max. CPM Bid: Only the expended budget is allocated, with the remainder rolling over to the next epoch. The CPM-Bid lets creators specify a bid for 1,000 impressions.

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CPM Bid Mechanics:

The "Max. CPM-Bid" represents the utmost a creator is willing to pay. If the aggregated number of impressions on posts surpass the campaign budget, creators can either replenish the budget to align with the bid or adjust the bid to equitably reward all members.


If CPM-Bid is 6.90 USDC and a submitted tweet garners 4.20k impressions, the payout is 28.98 USDC.

The Minimum Threshold Rule:

To promote high-caliber content, a threshold rule can be implemented. Tweets falling short of the stipulated minimum impressions won't be scored.


With a threshold set at 1k impressions, a tweet with fewer than 1k impressions won't qualify for a payout. However, a tweet with exactly 1k impressions earns 6.90 USDC.


Postmint's Max. CPM-Bid conversion is a game-changer, offering the ability to plan expenditures as well as rewards for both campaign creators and community posters. Don’t hesitate to reach out – we will help you with designing the right campaigns to build up your poster army.