indiGo Kids joins the postmint alpha

June 5, 2023

With the upcoming mint of indiGo Kids NFTs on 9/24, indiGo Kids  have partnered with to use their incentivized testnet alpha. By integrating the industry leading growth marketing protocol, IndiGo Kids now have access to data-driven and auditable influencer marketing. Top posters for indiGo Kids will be eligible to earn NFT airdrops and coin based incentives for engaging in a postmint-based growth campaign.

Campaign details and on-boarding instructions will follow in the weeks post mint. For now, listen to the AMA with IndiGo Kids recorded on 9/28.

About indiGo Kids NFT:

indiGo Kids are playful nomadic deities. Their presence is a sign of luck and prosperity. They are creatures from a cloth of higher vibration, arriving in dense observable dimensions like ours, to help aid during moments of transition, and guide the collective consciousness towards a higher path. Made by two multidisciplinary artists @armyanyan and @rruburr published by @aetlasvision. Minting 5555 at .077 on September 24th!

Playful nomadic deities, cut from a cloth of higher vibrations.

About Postmint:

Postmint is the leading data-driven post-to-earn growth marketing protocol. Smart contracts are at its core; the protocol is entirely automated and provides cryptographic guarantees to both campaign creators and their community. Community organized content creation campaigns are now fully auditable and incentivized on-chain. If you are interested in creating a campaign for your project, be it web3, web2, e-commerce, or mom-and-pop.