Incentivized Community Testnet is coming...

June 5, 2023

How postmint Can Revolutionize the Way You Engage Your Community

What is postmint? Why is it Important to the Future of Social Media?

Do you know the challenge of growing and engaging your online community? Are you looking for a solution to turbocharge your visibility on social media?

If so, you can stop searching and get ready. Welcome to postmint, the coordination mechanism for social media content creation and spreading. postmint allows you to create a campaign to promote your Twitter account. Your frens and fans join your campaign and start supporting your channel. postmint goes ahead and measures the value created by community members, which signed up for your campaign. After a given timeframe, your campaign supporters can claim the rewards for helping you to move up the social media ranks.

The postmint gate

Passing the postmint gate will grant you access to our Incentivized Community Testnet (ITC), which will launch by the end of November.

How to get a high Access Score?

We are looking for folks who have experience with the struggle of creating and maintaining a vibrant community around their Twitter account. So, if you have been actively searching for a tool which helps you to grown and engage your community, or if you even have tried to build your own hacky solution, you are the perfect match to join our ICT. Tell us about in at the postmint gate

Over the next weeks, will share more information on the ins and outs of our Incentivized Community Testnet. So stay tuned.