How to postmint II - Updated Guide for Content Creators and Influencers

June 5, 2023


Welcome, fren! You've found the ultimate guide on how to use postmint to earn crypto as a content creator or influencer. For a visual guide, feel free to check out our "How to Postmint" presentation. In this guide, we'll explore how to sign up, what to consider when submitting content, and how to claim your rewards for a postmint campaign.

1. Sign-in

Visit, log in with your favorite wallet or even your social login, and explore our dashboard.

2. Select campaign and sign up

Some campaigns require $PPT to join, so make sure you earn and claim some before joining $PPT token gated campaigns. Read more about $PPT [link].

3. Submitting Content

Here are some points that must be considered before submitting your content to ensure it gets scored:

1. Use at least one of the campaign tags or @mention the campaign creator account
2. Content must be posted after the campaign epoch started
3. Tweet must be posted from the same account which submits the Tweet

4. Scoring

Your submissions will be scored after the campaign epoch (7 days) has passed. In the meantime, discuss and rate content submitted to the content board using the "rate" and "comment" buttons on each content card.

5. Claiming

You will be able to claim your rewards after the campaign creator reviews them and deploys the final distribution. This will happen shortly after the epoch ends. For claiming, you will require the native network token of the network on which the campaign is deployed. For campaigns on Arbitrum, you will need aETH, which you can withdraw from any notable crypto exchange or directly in your MetaMask / particle wallet.

Good luck postminting! 📬🚀