EthBogota Hackathon Submission

June 5, 2023

postmint @ EthBogota 

EthGlobal routinely organises hackathons around the world to spread the message of building decentralized applications on Ethereum and related infrastructure. At EthBogota, the postmint team together with @low__brow and @dagrinchi, built Post2Help, a postmint spin-off which allows NGOs to spread viral messages across web2 and web3 social with the help of third-party donations. 

In a weekend, we were able to build a white labelled frontend, using postmint on and off-chain components as a backend while also integrating new features like Web3Auth for secure authentication and Lenster, built on Lens Protocol, for decentralized content publishing.  

But let's take a step back and explain why we build Post2Help

The Cost of Spreading the Word 

There are many causes worthy of viral campaigns to raise awareness. At Post2Help, we want to enable charity organizations and posters to spread awareness about issues in society from sustainability to defending privacy and freedom. So why is the world not convinced yet to take actions? 

One issue is the costs associated with spreading messaging required to convince people. 

Let us take a  look at some examples

In 2016 the most popular soda brand, Coca-Cola, spent $4bn to persuade people to drink sugar water. Pampers over $8bn to convince parents to buy their diapers. But it’s not only brands, in 2020 the American Democratic Party spent $6.9bn on elections to spread the message about their presidential candidate, Joe Biden.. 

From private business to political causes, spending money on advertisement is the norm. So when it comes to spreading word of charitable causes, money must be spent but spent wiser than the rest since every dollar spent on ads can also be spent to directly help someone in need or towards a worthy cause.

In comes Post2Help 

This postmint spin-off changes the paradigm of requiring costly marketing campaigns to convince public opinion. Post2Help allows community members to get rewarded or donate content, for causes they are passionate about.   

On Post2Help, posters select a cause they want to support. After joining a campaign, a  poster creates content around the charity and shares it on Lenster and/or Twitter. The postmint scoring algorithm automatically detects the posts and rates the content. At the end of a campaign, posters can choose whether they want to donate the rewards or claim them. 


Post2Help is one example of how content can be crowdsourced with postmint. Creating and sharing content leads to awareness and engagement. By building and providing the postmint marketing coordination mechanisms, we hope to facilitate the spread of important messages, making the world a better place.