The Launch of postmint: A Web3 Native Content Marketing Platform

June 5, 2023

TL;DR: postmint is a web3 native content marketing platform that connects brands with community content creators, allowing users to monetize their content and companies to boost their brand awareness, engagement, and conversions.
In this post, we'll introduce you to postmint and provide a step-by-step guide on how to get started. 

What is postmint?

postmint is a content marketing protocol that effectively connects community posters and web3 projects.

For content creators: postmint = Post To Earn
postmint allows you to monetize your content by joining campaigns of your favourite web3 projects and earning on-chain rewards for your contributions.

For web3 companies: postmint = Community-Sourced Marketing
postmint offers you access to an untapped marketing channel, unlocking your community as a path to boost your brand visibility and conversions. 

Why We Built postmint?

postmint arose from two different view points.
From the project perspective, recognizing the need to effectively market Web3 projects which are often complex and lacking visibility, which hinders their ability to reach mainstream adoption.
From the content creator perspective, understanding the impact that user-generated content can have on a project's success. While nano and micro-influencers make a significant impact, they often aren't compensated for their contributions, limiting the quality and quantity of content they can produce. 

At postmint, we believe in the power of individual marketing creativity and information processing. That's why we provide the infrastructure for community content creators and projects to come together, unlocking the potential for a mutually beneficial partnership.

How to Get Started: The postmint Guide 

For a visual, step-by-step guide, click here

You can join the post-to-earn revolution on Our dapp is available for desktop and mobile MetaMask wallet users. For desktop, make sure you have the MetaMask browser extension installed and set up. For mobile, you can launch the postmint web app via the browser functionality of the MetaMask mobile wallet. We will add support for other mobile browsers shortly.

$PPT Campaigns:

Upon logging in, you will find our “PPT Campaigns” on the dashboard. PPT campaigns are the first kind of campaigns on postmint. This campaign type distributes “postmint Point Tokens” (PPT), a soul-bound, thus non-transferrable token, which powers our Incentivized Testnet. PPT launch on Arbitrum, more networks will be added shortly. 

Joining a Campaign:
Before you can start earning your PPTs, you will need to pass campaign gate. Click on the "Join Campaign" button on the campaign details page. postmint uses a machine learning algorithm to detect bot accounts. If you successfully passed the campaign gate, you will be asked to copy the following tag “📫🚀” into your Twitter bio. You can add the bio tag if you click on "Edit Profile" on your Twitter account. This action is required to detect and score the posts you made for a campaign.

Start Earning:
There are two ways to earn rewards on postmint Poster Score and Supporter Score.

  1. Poster Score, read the campaign description to understand what kind of content we are looking for. Now it’s up to your creativity. Create a Tweet and share it on Twitter. Make sure you add the bio tag to your Twitter bio!
  2. @mentioning the campaign creator account (e.g., @postmint_xyz) and/or use campaign tags, which you can find at the beginning of the campaign briefing  (e.g., #postmint, #post2earn).
  3. Support Score, you also get rewarded for supporting the campaign posts by liking, commenting, and retweet posts from the campaign creator. 

Our scoring runs every 15 minutes, your PPT rewards will be made available for claiming after each scoring period. For claiming, make sure you have some ETH in your Arbitrum wallet.  


postmint is a web3 native content creator platform that enables community members to monetize their content and web3 projects to boost their brand awareness, engagement, and conversions. By joining the incentivized our testnet, you can earn PPT by creating and sharing content on social media platforms, as well as by supporting the campaign Tweets. Stay tuned for regular feature updates. Let us know about your feedback in our discord, on   

We welcome your feedback on postmint! Please feel free to share it with us on our Discord server or through Canny. Additionally, if you're interested in launching your own campaign on postmint and rewarding your community members for their content contributions, please don't hesitate to ping us.

Let's postmint!